NuttX International Workshop 2019

This event was structured as two days of open sessions, hands-on sessions, discussions and workshops at the Technolution facility in Gouda, NL. There was an associated outreach session chaired by Alan Carvalho de Assis all about building a simple demonstration application. You can get more information about that over at his blog.

Across the two days and evening outreach sessions there was loads of opportunity to learn more about NuttX.  Supporters of the event provided a variety of boards for attendees and everyone left with an IMXRT1060-EVK, XMC4500-Relax and set of Spresense boards to continue their NuttX journey. Attendees to the evening outreach session also received an STM32L152-DISCOVERY.

Ben van der Veen did a nice write up of the event which you can read here and Alan is collating photographs which you can see here.

This is the programme as it was finally presented. We’ve got all the slides now and the videos are slowly being created. All of the slides are as-presented at the event. Videos will be uploaded over the next couple of weeks on the NuttX channel as we get them edited, and we’ll post links to them here.

NuttX RTOS Beginnings: Video here. Greg Nutt, NuttX.

NuttX for the IoT: Video here. Alan Carvalho de Assis, Keenix.

An Open Source board for NuttX: Video here. Dave Marples, Technolution.

micro-ROS:  The ROS running on NuttX: Ingo Lütkebohle, Bosch Research.

MakerLisp and the Maker Machine: Luthor Johnson, MakerLisp.

NuttX and Payment Card Industry Security Standards: Michael Jung, FEIG Electronic.

Running NuttX on Spresense: Takayoshi Koizumi, Sony.

MineProtect – Pedestrian safety systems in mining applications: Markus Bernet and Johnny Billquist, Hexagon Mining.

NuttX in Space and A pocketQube satellite application Tyler Diaz & Fabio Balzano, Stara Space.

NuttX in Long Range RFID Readers: Mattias Edlund, Tagmaster.

NuttX, Drones, and the Internet of Things(IoT): Anthony Merlino, Verge Aero.

Introduction to PX4 NuttX use: David Sidrane, NSCDg.

NXP HoverGames Drone and FMU featuring NuttX and PX4: Iain Galloway, NXP.

SMP and Networking support on NuttX/LC823450: Masayuki Ishikawa, Sony.

Upm, REST and LittleVGl: Maciej Wójcik