NuttX Online Workshop 2020

Nobody disagree that 2020 was a challenging year. A year marked by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that spread for all the countries of the world.

The NuttX Community was expecting for 2020 the second International NuttX Workshop to happen in Japan in the middle of May. Just like the Olympics, our event was cancelled/postponed without further ado.

Instead of give up we decided we could do it online and let even more people jump in. Of course, we will not have the beer neither the Japanese Sake (酒), but we are programmers and we also like coffee. So let’s to prepare our own drink and create our event online for all the people around the world to participate.

We were so lucky, because many people submitted proposals to the Workshop in Japan and we contacted those guys and they were happy to present it online (well, not all of them, about 7 Speakers dropped out).

Because the event was going to happen online we decided to let each Speaker to choose if he/she prefer to pre-record the Presentation or present it on Live during the event. Most of them opted to pre-record it, but all should be present during the event to participate of the Q&A (Questions And Answers) session.

NuttX at Fitbit: Video here. Andrei Voinescu, Fitbit.

Implementing a USRSOCK based Wi-Fi driver on NuttX: Video here. Masayuki Ishikawa, Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products, Inc.

cRTOS: A Linux-compatible compounded RTOS based on NuttX, Linux and Jailhouse: Video here. Chung-Fan Yang, Fixstars Corporation.

A bit of SmartFStalk: Video here. Iulian-RăzvanMateșică, Fitbit.

NuttX on BeagleBone Black

SocketCAN in NuttX: Video here. Peter van der Perk, NXP Semiconductors.

A Journey from Fork to Mainline. Alin Jerpelea, Sony.

Bringing NuttX to the FPGA with the QuickLogic EOS S3

NuttX in a Flat Memory-constrained Environment

Porting the Rust libstdto NuttX/Cortex-M4F and prototyping a simple web server: Video here. Sugino Yoshinori, Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products Inc.

Swimming to Antarctica with NuttX

JavaScript Robot on NuttX: Video here. Philippe Coval, rzr.

BicycleCompanion: An open-source low-powerbicycle-computer based on NuttX: Video here. Matias Nitsche.

Tickless Round Robin: Video here. Vlad Urziceanu, Fitbit.

Battery management in NuttX with NXP RDDRONE-BMS772: Video here. Jari van Ewijk and Cis van Mierlo, NXP Semiconductors.

NuttX in Professional Sports: Video here. Ivan Ucherdzhiev Barin Sports.

Scaling up Tasks, Signals and Scheduling for Fitness Devices

NuttX for ESP32: current status and next developments: Video here. Alan Carvalho de Assis, Espressif Systems.

A dashboard for racing motorcycles: Video here. Ben van der Veen, Disruptive Solutions.

Alan Carvalho de Assis, Espressif, Brazil
Alin Jerpelea, Sony, Sweden
Maria Julia Zabba, Brazil
Sara Monteiro, Espressif, Brazil



Abdelatif Guettouche – , Algeria
Alan Carvalho de Assis – Keenix Tech, Brazil
Alin Jerpelea, Sony, Lund
Anthony Merlino – Verge Aero, USA
Dave Marples – Technolution, NL
David Sidrane – NscDg, USA
Greg Nutt – NuttX, Costa Rica
Ken Pettit – IQ-Analog, USA
Masayuki Ishikawa – Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products Inc., Japan
Mateusz Szafoni – , Poland
Xing Xiao – Xiaomi, China