Alan Carvalho de Assis, Keenix Tech, Brasil
Alin Jerpelea, Sony, Lund
Tiago Medicci, Unicamp, Brasil
Tomek CEDRO, CeDeROM, Poland
The organizers may be contacted via email at


The workshop committee will assess the proposals of each of the active participants and also provide guidance and oversee the overall structure of the event. It comprises, in alphabetic order:

Abdelatif Guettouche – DZ
Alan Carvalho de Assis – Keenix Tech, BR
Alin Jerpelea – Sony, SW
Anthony Merlino – Verge Aero, US
Dave Marples – Technolution, NL
David Sidrane – NscDg, US
Greg Nutt – NuttX, CR
Ken Pettit – IQ-Analog, US
Masayuki Ishikawa – Sony, JP
Mateusz Szafoni – PL
Xiang Xiao – Xiaomi, CN